july gallery


July Gallery: whatever, expressionism in millennial art making

Opening Reception: Wednesday July 2, 6-9pm

Join us at 6:30pm for a discussion with the artists.

The upcoming generation of contemporary artists are creating in a complex visual language informed by post-modernism, the internet, and the unique political, economic, and social climate of the 2000s. They often aim to appear haphazard, and their work is carefully arranged to do so both technically and conceptually. To some this might look like nihilism, and maybe it is. Millennials as a whole are invalidating the established expectations of society, and in turn rejecting many learned expectations of themselves. They accept whatever visuals feel right as a legitimate representation of their human experience and identity. It is a visual apathy rich with history, commentary, humor, and struggle. These visuals are critical of the box in which you live your life and view the world. They challenge you, ask questions, and offer new perspectives to those who are open to them.


Ali Massinople
Andrea Emmerich
Ben Yacovone
LaShae Boyd
Rob Williams

A huge thank you to Greater Columbus Arts Council, Ohio Arts Council, The Columbus Foundation and Puffin Foundation West for their support of our 2019 gallery series.