How we began

Throughout our history, we’ve worked toward a single purpose: Building a creative community at the intersection of art, risk, and meaning. For more than ten years, our organization has seen always supporting the local arts community, gathering place for local artists, audiences, and creative people. Since our founding, the unwavering dedication of our board members and supporters helped our mission come to life.

Married couples Beth and Nick Dekker, Jessie and Karl Boettcher and Jacqui and Ryan Hoke, all graduates of the undergrad theater program at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, launched Wild Goose Creative in late 2006. Its philosophies coalesced following those four years of undergrad, graduate school and a little bit of growing up. Wild Goose held its first events in early 2007.

Since our founding in 2006, we moved quickly from a series of “works in progress” events that featured food, art, and Q&A sessions to a multipurpose creative space at 2491 Summit Street that is sometimes a gallery, sometimes a school, a kitchen table, a living room, a concert hall, or a dance floor, Wild Goose Creative cultivates the creation of excellent and surprising art. (Read more about our history)