Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Bleu & Fig, 4622 N. High Street

Brunch for dinner—what could be better? Wild Goose Creative invites you to our 2nd annual Golden Goose Awards—a tasty brunch to celebrate creative community building in Central Ohio.

Your ticket not only supports 320+ community driven programs at Wild Goose Creative each year, but also helps us raise the money needed to expand to a 2nd space in Franklinton. This brunch is all about meeting fellow creatives and honoring an organization and individual who we believe has made a significant contribution to Columbus's community of artists, creatives and organizations. Purchase a ticket or table today to support the Columbus creative community and help us expand West.

Get your tickets here!

PARKING: Parking is located just 1/2 block south of Bleu & Fig in the lot between Robbie's Hobbies and Eagle Family Candies.

SEATING: Seating is "Family Style" with up to (8) guests per table. If your group is buying tickets separately, but would like to sit together, please email us at info@wildgoosecreative.com so we can be sure to reserve seats together for your group.




Golden Goose Awards 2018

Last year, Wild Goose Creative honored Blake Compton and ROY G BIV Gallery with the Golden Goose awards.