franklinton project


We are expanding to franklinton!

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With over 320 events a year at 2491 Summit Street, we can and want to do more. We are ready to honor Franklinton’s rich history and celebrate its future as a creative center for both old and new.

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What we plan to accomplish:

  1. Provide an affordable space for creatives to engage the community through exhibitions, pop-ups, concerts, plays, workshops, small-business launches and more.

  2. Continue the creative community building that is well underway in Franklinton, holding close the spirit and history that is so central to the neighborhood’s identity.

  3. Support additional types of media like installation, video and performance in a larger venue, as well as offer more space for our growing programs.

  4. initiate programs based on the needs of the community, led by community leaders from both East and West Franklinton through partnership and programming with those already doing great work on the Westside: Jubilee Museum, ROY G BIV, Franklinton Playhouse, 400 West Rich, Vanderelli Room, Franklin Arts District/Franklinton Fridays, STEAM Factory, The Idea Foundry, Close Quarters, Franklinton Non-Profit Collaborative, Gladden House, Mount Carmel Healthy Living Center, Jordan Crossing and more.

  5. Create our first-ever member lounge for those that support Wild Goose Creative to meet, work and commune.

    Be a part of the project, donate today!