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Work in Progress


“It’s a work in progress.”

Heard so often in times of artistic stagnation and creative mind-blocks, the phrase “Work In Progress” doesn’t have to bad. On the contrary, Wild Goose Creative has repurposed the phrase for a new adventure at our Summit Street home. The “Work In Progress” event will be held three times a year, each time featuring a new artist in need of some feedback from a receptive audience. Theatre, visual art, mixed media, craft, film, music—you name it, we’ll feature it. The event will typically last around three hours, with time at the beginning for the artist to introduce themselves and their creative process, and then time for audience reflection and most importantly, feedback. Join us as we seek to provide a welcoming space for artists to improve their craft and audience members to expand their minds!


If you are interested in featuring your work at a Work in Progress session, please fill out this Artist Application.


If you would like to help an artist or group get the feedback that a Work in Progress session would provide, please fill out this Curator Application.