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Keep the lights on, the doors open, and the local art flowing!
As a non-profit organization, Wild Goose Creative thrives on community support and puts most every dollar straight back into making space for people to make and experience art.

Help people in Columbus get their creative ideas off the ground.
Every month, Wild Goose Creative hosts five community groups, several brand-new programs, and 20+ ongoing art events in all kinds of media. Every year Wild Goose Creative supports entrepreneurial and not-for-profit initiatives, features artists in their first-ever gallery exhibitions, and helps people of all ages learn new skills.

Become an essential part of the Wild Goose story.
Our members are the community that gives us the momentum to keep creating.

Get thanked profusely.
Our members receive thank-yous in the form of members-only newsletters, invitations to special events, and an invitation to our monthly Member Feature Event! You'll also get your name on the member list on the Wild Goose Creative website.

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Each month we'll pick a terrific program to feature, and members will get an email they can show at the door for complimentary entry. 

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